Web Hosting Manual & Guide


2.1 Access logs

"I can't find my access log!"
They are located at /etc/httpd/domlogs/yourdomain.com. So, the access log for snoopy.com is in /etc/httpd/domlogs/snoopy.com. You can link that file to a file in your directory structure, so that you may view it thru your browser. This log file is severely analyzed through all the control panel statistics programs, so hard viewing of the file is not really needed.

2.2 Error logs

"I can't find my error log?"
Use the built in Error Log Report in the Analog statistics program in your browser control panel.

2.3 Image Maps

"Hey! my image maps don't work!"
This is a proper imagemap reference:
<a href="djonly.map"><img src="djonly.gif" ISMAP> </A>
Possible mistakes:

2.4 Anonymous FTP

"Where should I store files for anonymous ftp access?"
Put files in the directory named public_ftp in your root directory. This will allow a file to be accessed by a customer with ftp://yourdomain.com/yourfile.

2.5 Setting permissions

"Hey, how do I stop people who are not in my group from reading a directory?"
Type chmod o-r directory while you are in the directory above it.
"I don't care if people in my group can read my directory, but I don't want them to write in it!"
Type chmod g-w directory while you are in the directory above it.
"Who is in my group?"
In general, each domain has its own group. If you find you are in the group users, let us know if you wish for your domain to have its own group.
"Tell me more about permissions, they sound neat!"
To list the access permissions of a file or directory, type ls -ls *. r=read access, x=execute access, w=write access. The first three letters apply to you, the second three letters apply to your group, the last three letters apply to everyone else. Execute access enables you to run programs or enter directories.
u = the file's user (or owner) r = read access
g = the file's groupx = execute access
o = othersw = write access
a = the user, the group, and others.  
Examples of using chmod:
chmod a+w = let everyone write to the file
chmod go-r = don't let people in the file's group or others to read the file
chmod g+x = let people in the file's group execute the file

2.6 Post not implemented

"I am getting the message 'POST not implemented'. Help!"
You probably are using the wrong reference for cgiemail. Use the reference "/cgi-sys/cgiemail/mail.txt". Another possibility is that you are pointing to a cgi-bin script that you have not put in your cgi-bin directory. In general this message really means that the web server is not recognizing the cgi-bin script you are calling as a program, it thinks it is a regular text file.

2.7 Don't have permission to access /

This error message means that you are missing your index.htm (...or index.php) file.
Note that files that start with a "." are hidden files. To see them, type ls -al.

2.8 MS FrontPage Publish Errors

"I am having problems publishing with MS FrontPage. It will not accept my login, and seems to just hang there...?"
Email support@yourmagichost.com and ask them to reinstall the FrontPage extensions and the FP Email extensions.

2.9 Email is Disappearing

"I seem to not be getting my email?"
Make sure to check your default email login pop. Double check to see where your default email is being sent to thru the control panel. Make sure you do not have a pop and a forwarder for the same email address, for you can only choose one or the other, not both. Make sure that you do not have a pop or forwarder set up for that email address that you forgot about.

2.10 Cannot Log into Email POP3 Account

Email support@yourmagichost.com and ask them to run fixpop and ln -s /usr/local/etc/cpanel/bin/popsh /bin/pinesh. Send them email address, username, and password to all pop accounts you need corrected.

2.11 My Domain Name Does Not Work

Check "http://www.tracert.com/cgi-bin/ping.pl with your domain name, and see if it is accessible for the servers included there. If it is being found by the large majority of servers there, than there is something wrong with your ISP's DNS, or someone on the backbone between yourmagichost and your ISP. We can do nothing in this situation, and you must wait for the error to correct itself. If the domain name is not being found, please check the InterNIC Registry to see if your domain name registration/transfer has been completed. If it has NS1.YOURMAGICHOST.COM & NS2.YOURMAGICHOST.COM on the bottom of the registration, then the transfer is completed. If it has different name-servers mentioned there, or no registration appears at all, the domain name is not transferred/registered yet, and you must wait for such. Transfers/Registration take normally 24-72 hours. If your registration says "On Hold", then you have not paid your InteNIC domain registration fees, and they have shut down access to your domain.

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